The Twilight Zone comes to Town Line

Taking this picture of the original poster of the Lincoln Funeral Train schedule at the Holland Land Office Museum four years ago, was a wonderful moment for me.

I had done plenty of research by then, and knew that the the inaugural and funeral train routes were nearly identical, and I had every reason to believe that they went through Town Line. But this was concrete. There are two pivotal scenes in the book based on those trains coming to Town Line.

I found the picture again the other day as I was looking for material for this website, and was struck by the name on the bottom. Chittenden. That's just ridiculous.

My kind and patient editor at St. Martins Press? Laurie Chittenden. And there's her name on a 150 year old schedule.

She tells me her family did, in fact, have people in the area at the time, so more than likely a distant relative.

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